Who we are

Nido Robotics is a newly established company composed of a professional and experienced group within the world of robotics, programming and underwater exploration.
The idea of this enterprise was conceived during the search of the SS Dakota aircraft, an expedition which took place in Papua New Guinea in 2012, where our CEO Roy Torgersen identified the need to use underwater robots in order to make easier the inspection of seabeds in extreme conditions.
Since then, the search of opportunities, ideas and collaborations has allowed us to know the sector so as to be able to operate by ourselves offering an innovative and unique service in Spain.

Our vision

Having remotely operated vehicles available enables a wide range of opportunities in terms of universal exploration. From both air, water and difficult terrain, ROVs are an ideal tool to reach places where the human body finds its limit.
Its usage guarantees safety of those who drive it and allows to analyse the territory before reaching it and it even ensures optimal conditions for the studying process, which offers great economic advantages.
Besides, the usage of this technology allows to obtain a unique perspective of areas of difficult access for those people who dislike risk. Thanks to autonomous vehicles, even the scariest ones will enjoy the best underwater reserves or the most beautiful aerial views.

Our mission

Robotics has become the sector with a higher investment opportunity in the 21th century. After the First and Second Industrial Revolutions, this could be the next step to produce an important change within the productive system.
In little more than 10 years, robotics aims to become so common among people as smartphones and tablets are nowadays.
Faced with this panorama, our aim is to achieve that Nido Robotics becomes one of the main robotics enterprise with headquarters in Spain.

What we do

We believe in the open source philosophy. In Nido Robotics, we count on transparency and that is also visible in the way we work.
We think that competitors make us improve and that science moves ahead thanks to teamwork and the development of collaborative, multidisciplinary and international projects.
Our providers and clients are located worldwide. In Nido Robotics we offer you the maximum guarantee and innovation, adapting ourselves to each client necessity and objectives.


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