Papua New Guinea is located in a transit area which goes from Australia to Japan. It is a sovereign country in Oceania which occupies the eastern half of New Guinea island and several islands located around it.

Nowadays, it is one of the less explored countries, geographical and culturally, and many varieties of plants and animals are still unknown within the country. Papua is one megadiverse country.

Its secrets are not only the ones which can be seen, as its waters also hide some of them. Precisely in year 2012 with the aim of clarifying one of them, a group of adventurers made a sea voyage looking for an Australian plane that some days after the IIWW was lost in the sea near the coast.

11th September, 1945 the Dakota plane took off, loaded with survivors of a military base located in the island, heading to its origin country. Shortly thereafter, its trace was lost and its remains could never be found. It is believed that an important gold coins cargo, intended to to pay local tribes, was on board.

Attracted by this theory and their desire to make history, the team leaded by Rod Pearce of which Roy Torgersen, Nido Robotics CEO, Kasper Sommer and Cecilie West were part. The team went towards the area equipped with the latest technology available at that time and were capable of detecting some remains (not so deep as thought) which were documented. Unfortunately, they were not able to find the identification plate of the device, which would have determined if those remains belonged to the Dakota.

Due to its location, size and status, the team is almost sure that these were the Dakota remains, but they could not ensure it 100 %. That said, what is the relation which exists between this project and the birth of Nido Robotics?

In those days, Roy joined this adventure due to his character and personal concerns. His experience as diver made him a key part in the expedition but he found several difficulties during the exploration.

All this helped him detecting a necessity: The usage of underwater drones! For Roy it was crystal clear, if he had had this technology everything had been easier, as he could have studied the ground and took images before diving and even going deeper.

Once he came back to Spain, he started working on this idea, looking for this type of vehicles with the aim of acquiring one, but everything he found was too expensive or he could not afford it.

Some months later, after a great disappointment, he discovered the American enterprise OpenROV, through a crowdfunding campaign and came into contact with them. He trained himself and learnt as much as possible about this industrial sector and not too long after it, he received specific training in OpenROV headquarters in Berkeley (USA). Then, he returned to Murcia with a collaboration agreement that allowed him to sell OpenROV drones in Spain.

That was how during the last three years he has become a reference within the area of underwater robots in Spain, and some months ago he decided to become independent, to extend services, suppliers and potential customers. In 2015, Roy met Quique González, an Industrial engineer passionate about the maker world (in which Roy also takes part).

Step by step, the team is increasing and project do not stop increasing. All members are convinced that it is possible to established a huge multinational enterprise in Murcia. In fact, figures prove it: during 2016, the enterprise turnover was a 68 % national, a 23 % European and a 9 % corresponding to countries outside the EU.

This year, including all orders up to now, it seems that this distribution will be higher for exportations towards the European market, it is maybe due to the fact that the enterprise is registered in the ROI and it allows to bill these sales without VAT.

Besides, Nido Robotics had 32 customers in 2016, whereas this amount is already of 24 opened opportunities, of which ten had been already won.



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