Last February, Nido Robotics was invited to take part in the Mini Maker Faire that took place in Cosmo Caixa headquarters in Barcelona. Some days before we had visited the Bilbao Maker Faire. Both experiences were really rewarding, as we could know and share knowledges and experiences with makers of all ages and conditions .

Maker Faires were invented by Dale Dougherty ten years ago to gather together people who designed and made things in their homes or in Fabs Labs that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology had established five years before. The MIT wanted to boost the making of physical objects making the most of knowledge stored in the network and the usage of digital tools. The first Maker Faire was in the Californian city of San Mateo ten years ago.

These events of fantasy and creativity are the main expression of the Maker Movement and are linked to the Make magazine, created by Dougherty and Tim O’Reilly in 2005. This publishment, inspired in the centenarian “Popular Mechanics” is nowadays the reference and main catalytic of what Chris Anderson called “Micromanufacture” some years ago. According to Anderson, this new method of creating things, that has been possible thanks to the democratization of new technologies, will change the world and put an end to the monopoly of indiscriminately manufacturation.

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