Orange Silica Gel

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It absorbs moisture holding it inside. Orange silica gel begins to turn green when the relative humidity approaches 22% and can be reused several times.

How it works

Thanks to their high levels of porosity (around 800 m²/g), silica gel beads have a high absorption capacity. Silica gel beads absorb moisture and hold it inside, leaving no residues. Once the beads are saturated their weight increases in a 25% approximately. Once they are saturated they can be regenerated by exposing them to high temperatures (110⁰C for 1kg during 1 hour approx) in the oven (DO NOT put them in the microwave). The heat in the oven will allow the beads to release the moisture previously absorbed. This way the beads can be used several times, even though they lose part of their efficiency each time they are regenerated.


Place the product wherever you need to stop humidity. We recommend using 500 gr of silica gel bead for each air-tight cubic meter. If the area is not air-tight, we recommend using 1000gr for each cubic meter. Replace the silica gel bags every month or whenever they start changing color.


  • 1 pc x 1 kg desiccant in sealed plastic bag
  • 50 pcs x desiccant bag, approx 5 * 7 cm

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 8 x 6 x 3 cm


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