Underwater GPS Explorer Kit

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The Underwater GPS Explorer kit is the system that you need to get started with underwater positioning.

This kit has been created to get the Underwater GPS technology accessible for everyone. The kit requires minimal technical skills for the setup. The size of the Underwater GPS Explorer kit makes it easy to transport and operate.


  • 1x top-side housing including a Master-D1 WL-21008
  • 4x Receiver-D1 WL-21005-P010 (10m cable and Binder Series-770 connector)
  • 1x locator of choice
  • Web server exposing a GUI and API
  • GPS (Including external antenna)
  • IMU (Compass/Orientation)
  • Housing: Pelican Case #1200 (IP67)
  • D1 interfaces: 5x (Typically 4 Receiver-D1 and 1 Locator-D1)
  • D1 connector: Binder Series-770 (IP67 plugged and unplugged)
  • A1 interfaces: 1x
  • A1 connector: Binder Series-770 (IP67 plugged and unplugged)
  • Ethernet interfaces: 1x
  • Ethernet connector: Bulgin Series-6000 (IP68) incl sealing cap
  • Ethernet cable: 3m cable with Bulgin Series-6000 (IP68) to Shielded RJ45
  • Power connector: Bulgin Series-6000 (IP68) incl sealing cap
  • Power cable: 3m cable with Bulgin Series-6000 (IP68) to open end


  • Part number: WL-11001
  • Part name: Underwater GPS Explorer Kit
  • Acoustic range: 100 m
  • Supply voltage: 10-18 V
  • Case external dimensions: 27 x 24.6 x 12.4 cm
  • Weight: ~ 4 kg
  • Operating temperature: -10 to 60 °C


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