Sibiu Nano Maker Kit

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The Sibiu Nano will change underwater exploration

The Sibiu Nano is the result of taking field experience, industry best practices, and the cutting edge of opensource robotic technology and simplifying it all down to a super portable package.

Sibiu Nano, in Cabo de Palos (Murcia)

We built the nano with one goal in mind. Provide a portable and easily accessible underwater ROV that performs well above its weight class. We think the Sibiu Nano delivers on that goal. We have gone to great lengths to ensure a complete underwater ROV experience.

  • The Sibiu Nano was designed to be an ultra-portable and highly efficient underwater ROV.
  • The Sibiu Nano uses software that is fully supported by a large community and allows for complete customization.
  • The Sibiu Nano is powerful enough to handle a 2-knot underwater current and still perform well.
  • Low cost means underwater exploration is now available to everyone.
  • The Sibiu Nano is entirely customizable with additional accessories.

Sibiu Nano are view a “Naranjito” flotsam, a lot of fishies are around this ROV

Hardware – Sibiu Nano

The Sibiu Nano is made with a lot of practical uses in mind, and the Sibiu Nano’s construction allows for robust operation. Whether you are a prosumer looking to get incredible underwater shots to share with your friends and family, a ship operator who needs an efficient ROV to perform maintenance checks while docked, or a scientist looking for a solution to collect data underwater, the Sibiu Nano has you covered.

The basic package comes with 6 thrusters and an HD camera that streams live video through a 50m long cable, called tether, to the surface, where it connects to any computer. We normally use a laptop and a gamepad controller to pilot the ROV. Because of its open and modular design and materials choice, it’s super easy to add additional payload like dimmable lights, chemical sensors like conductivity, pH, DO or ORP,  additional cameras and so on. The tether can also be personalized to your specific needs; the theoretical max range is 2000m, we’ve personally tested it to 300m, and clients have reported having used 700m without any degradation of video quality. We also have a series of upgrades that you can add on at checkout or down the road.

Software – Sibiu Nano

We are using an Open Source software stack for both the ROV side and surface control side. In the ROV we are using “Ardusub,” ( a stable software that has been in professional use for almost two years and is under constant improvement by the Ardusub community; and for the control side, we are using QGroundControl, available for Win10, OSx, and Linux.

This software stack provides a set of significant benefits as opposed to other, closed-source solutions:

  • GPLv3 license gives you freedom to modify the code to suit your own needs, and later do whatever you want with your software (share it with the community or keep it for yourself)
  • Large, international communities providing support and development making it company agnostic
  • The same software used in larger ROVs like the BlueROV2 and our Sibiu Pro, meaning that upgrading later to a more powerful ROV with more considerable payload capability has a flat learning curve
  • Our software page is


  • Six thrusters for maximum maneuverability
  • Designed for work, science & education
  • Automatic Depth Hold
  • Automatic Heading Control
  • Maximum Operating Depth of 100m
  • Neutrally buoyant tether length up to 1000m (50m included by default)
  • Easily swappable battery for all-day operation (11,1V – 6,2Ah included in RTD version)
  • Super portable (5kg, 38cm x 27 cm x 26 cm)
  • Depth and temperature, IMU and heading sensors
  • Full HD video live streamed to the surface
  • 1 x 200g ballast weights allow for easy payload addition
  • Open Source software and hardware
  • A platform that is easy to modify and to upgrade as your needs evolve over time

The Sibiu Nano Maker Kit edition: – Sibiu Nano – 50m tether – Battery – Charger – Basic toolsset You can upgrade your Sibiu Nano Base with any of our list of add-ons


The shipments of this product starting in August


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